Ivan Cheremisin

Product designer

Hi, I've been working as a product designer for seven years. It became my profession from a hobby that I loved very much. Interfaces are all around us and over the years I've learned that the perfect interface is no interface.

About me

I was born in Leningrad, USSR. I'm 32 yerars old artist from Brazil. Love architecture, surfing, blues music and coding. My parents and I traveled a lot in Europe and this allowed me to be open-minded and appreciate the beauty and functionality of everything around me since childhood.

Half of my family is in Ukraine, and as I write this, the Russian army is bombing their homes. I actively do not support the actions of the Russian government and help Ukrainians to the best of my ability.



Nothing | Nichego

Nothing - or Nichego on Russian. "Nothing | Nichego" is the national idea of Russia. If you ask any Russian what he wants, he will answer: "Leave me alone", Russians have spent their entire existence just trying to survive, not to live.

I print posters, stickers and graffity and put them up in every city, from Ulan-Ude to Sao Paulo. They are Cyrillic, to get the attention of the Russian-speaking population of the earth. It doesn't make much sense in English, it only appears in Cyrillic, Russians use the word "nothing | nichego" even to highlight something positive.

Nothing happens without a reason. Among other things, I just want to get the attention of Russians to the fact that life goes on and there is a lot of interesting things not only in their daily routine.

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While traveling in Kaliningrad, I got interested in making documentaries and decided to buy a video camera. But while I was figuring out how to shoot video with it, I fell in love with photos. And started looking at a lot of photos and trying to duplicate them. I really liked street photography.

citymobil citymobil

Fixed Gear

Around Moscow I move maostly by bicycle. Fixed gear is the best solution for the city. I like the aesthetics of old bikes and keirin racing. I am inspired by what Terry Barentsen is doing and I sometimes take videos of my lovely pokimon riding. Now the plan is to ride from Helsinki to Stockholm with tents.

Travel & Sports

Juno El Meteor

My friends and I have a sports and tourism union called Juno El Meteor. We travel, run and ride bikes together. And in our spare time we code and come up with all kinds of cool stuff.

Juno Juno

Social projects

Agains War Together

Created a service for Russians to inform them about the reality of Russian aggression in Ukraine & empower them with tools to help end the war.



Hit me up with any questions, suggestions or cooperation. Take care, peace!